Our History

Origin Story

Pamela Ann King was born on February 28, 1952 in Omaha, Nebraska. Pamela Ann’s surname Williams, at her own discretion, was changed to her father’s name: King. She would go on to have five daughters and five grandchildren, and they all carry her name: King. The mark that appears 10 times on our logo is the family’s emblem.

It represents the idea of Pamela Ann being the origin (the solid house), and from her came 5 daughters (the inner layer) and 5 grandchildren (the outer layer). The 5 rods that protrude represent the progression from the first 5, to the second 5, to the next five, and so on.

Timmothy & Erick King sons of her 3rd daughter Melissa, are the founders of the company

"TinMan Timm"

The original name of the company "TinMan Timm" shown on our home page stems from the nickname given to Timmothy because of his love for fixing cars. We figured why not do something you love, and moved forward with starting the company. Like Pamela Ann, we want to be mavericks and forward thinkers.

At TinMan, we’ve always been inspired by previous generations, and will continue to use our origins as a beacon for continuous progression.