• Innovation

    We started with a concept, a dream, if you will, of what it could look like. We are firm believers in dreaming about what the world could look like as one advances in age. At TinMan, we apply a heavy emphasis on quality execution of any idea as we mature it into a process.

    As the late great rapper Nipsey Hussle once said, “you don’t meet a lot of people that execute as well as they conceptualize” when referring to his business partner David Gross. Keeping that at the forefront, we put in the hours to develop any initiaitive into a high quality experience for customers and employees.

  • Personal Advisor

    Our customers have the option of choosing a designated technician. Technicians are encouraged to provide insight into preventative maintenance & ways to extend the life of their vehicle and all its components. Sharing knowledge only serves to further strengthen the bond between customers and technicians.

  • Elimination of Predatory Up-Selling

    Traditional pay structures encourage technicians & services advisors to mislead customers into purchasing unnecessary repairs. Our technicians provide discovery videos to customers and encourage second opinions.

  • Peace Of Mind

    Our customers have the benefit of being present during the repair of their vehicle; live updates are also provided for further assurance.

  • Convenience

    Our customers will never again have to travel for vehicle repairs. 

  • 100% Digital

    All forms & documents are handled through our mobile application. Digitizing our customers archives allows for safer storage and ease of transmission.

  • Quick Turnaround

    The Structure of TinMan allows for customer priority, as customers are matched with a technician that is given a singular objective. Traditional repair shops both from high traffic and pay structure often prioritize higher paying jobs. 

  • Follow-Ups

    Upon completion of repairs, our technicians will continue communication with customers who've made significant purchases. In the event problems arise post repair, customers have the comfort of knowing there is someone who can provide assistance.  

  • Removing Stigmas

    Face to face interactions between customers & technicians help to build rapport. Over time the essence of trust can be cultivated.